CircuitVille Créative
For the general public and foreign delegations.

The circuit is a pointer to the integration of Saint-Etienne within the network of UNESCO cities of design, with particular emphasis on the Biennial actions which characterized the UNESCO designation: a well established design industry, a strategy of organizing exhibitions and events dedicated to design, a cultural landscape influenced by design and architecture...
CircuitDesign à petits pas
For all the family

Design à petits pas (design in small steps) proposes a circuit taking in exhibitions and workshops that are easily accessed. Aimed at family groups, the circuit is concentrated in a restricted geographical zone, and provides the possibility for snack breaks at a Biennial partner cake shop along the way (Operation sweet and savoury Design).
CircuitBiennale mobile
For the general public

As part of the mobility offer, the mobile Biennial circuit aims to orientate the public towards the exhibition sites which are relatively distanced from the main Manufacture site. There are three versions of the circuit available. The sportsmen and women will prefere the Velivert (cycle) version (rue de la Montat , Châteaucreux station, parc Giron and cours Fauriel); others will choose the comfort and rapidity of the tram version (axis grand rue between the MAM and place Bellevue), and the more audacious will try out the gyropodes version (between the Manufacture site and the Chateaucreux Station).
By Vélivert
By tram