Discover the Biennial with a guided visit. Accompanied by a mediator, each visit starts with a presentation of the Biennial and the theme of Empathy. It continues with the discovery of two exhibitions with the presentation of selected objects.

Unaccompanied visits are also available.
Associations, work committees, local authorities, groups of friends from 15 to 30 persons.

Make up a group to visit the Biennial and take advantage of the preferential group tariffs, with or without a guide.

Reservation by telephone from 9h to 12h30, T. 04 77 33 33 27
Discover the Biennial with a guided or non-guided visit
Pass Biennale guided visit: 9€ per person
Pass Biennale free circulation: 5€ per person

These prices apply for groups of 15 persons minimum, 30 maximum.