The VISIBLE exhibition shows creations from Big-Game, Adrien Rovero, Benjamin Graindorge, Eric Jourdan and Amaury Poudray, from a special angle. It highlights the different facets of the creative process. The methodologies of these designers are in fact very varied, even if they are not immediately identifiable in the finished articles. Thus VISIBLE associates draught drawings, prototypes and finished products so the public can grasp the specific universe of each designer.

Affiliated exhibitionVISIBLEFormer Saint-Etienne School of Fine Arts
1/2"Bank", Big-game, 2012
Une tirelire en caoutchouc élastique produite par Praxis, Hong Kong.
2/2Lampe, "Perche", Benjamin Graindorge 2012
LED, tube aluminium cintré, acier repoussé et béton ciré