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Je suis celle
qui marche
Artothèque Idéograf
62 bis rue Henri Déchaud

Alexia Turlin is both an artist and a designer, living in Switzerland. For the Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial she is presenting an installation of giant pouffes and floor lamps, with a video projection. When dropping into the pouffe the spectator tips over and finds himself at floor level. This toppling over changes his position and enables him to rest and relax while contemplating the works. From afar, the spectators seem to be floating on enormous buoys installed on the floor, in a zone juxtaposing reality and the imagination.

Je suis celle qui marche:
Two complementary themes characterize the artistic research of Giorgia Volpe. One theme consists of interventions among the population and deals with collective memory. The other mobilizes the memory of the artist by means of photographs and videos. For the Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial, Giorgia Volpe proposes I am the one who walks (video, 2009) and Interior cartography (installation in situ, 2012): two works which manifest the desire to create an intimate space within a public space; to bring together the "I" and the "other" through a corporal commitment.