1/5matali crasset, collection "Infrasons", galerie Mica.
2/5Raphael Charles, table "Multiple", rondins aimantés en hêtre.
3/5Sophia 203, collier "Dot obsession", soie brodée, Jaïpur.
4/5Minakani Lab, papier peint, "Cloudy".
5/5Jarres de la Collection Salée - hub-DESIGNEDITIONS - copyright Olivier Deléage, Studio Bisbee
Affiliated exhibitionL’objet d’un dialogueCurator: Céline Savoye
Scenography: Thomas Goux &
Nicolas Tourette
IRMACC, 8 rue Barra - Saint-Étienne

The ideas of limited production, of rarity, haunt the designer. When he makes this choice, he discusses with craftsmen or goes into hand-made manufacturing. Then the object can be made public through blogs, on-line shops and thus be spotted by the industrial sector. This leads to a new positioning of the designer's profession. Objects in this exhibition include furniture, accessories and fashion, inviting us to celebrate both the materials and the know-how.