Three guided thematic visits are proposed. Accompanied by a mediator, each visit starts with a presentation of the Biennial and the theme of Empathy. It continues with the discovery of two exhibitions with the presentation of selected objects. The guide adapts to the level of the classes.

Unaccompanied visits are also available
(primary school and pre-school classes for 6 to 12 years).

The Cité du design proposed to matali crasset to imagine a workshop for children from 6 to 12 years, on the theme of empathy, or experiencing the other. The Nanocity project invites children to design a city together. Installed in tiers surrounded by panels, they discuss what is necessary to develop a Nanocity. They define the different components of the urban environment: the inhabitants (the nanopeople), the habitat (the nanocasas), the vegetal content (the nanoplants), and the animals (the nanomals). Then they are invited to give graphic shapes to these elements. Finally the city is built by joining together their different drawings.

In partnership with EDF
Discover the Biennial with guided or non-guided visits.
Children’s workshop Nanocity
School groups (primary, secondary and higher) , and pre-school groups (leisure centres) are welcome from Monday 18th March to Friday 22nd March, and from Monday 25th March to Friday 29th March from 10h to 19h.

Reservations from 7th January to 5th March by telephone at 04 77 49 95 92 from 9h to 12h30 / from 14h to 17h.
25 pupils maximum per visit.
Teaching staff and assistants of school groups have free admission (up to 4 staff according to the year level).

Unaccompanied visit:

4 € per person

Guided visits :
2,5€ per person (cycle 2 and 3), visit time 1h
6€ per person (college, high school and higher education students) visit time: 1h30

4€ per child, time duration 1h30
25 children maximum per workshop
Preparatory guided visit
for teaching staff
Wednesday 13th March from 9h30 to 12h
Reservation at 04 77 49 95 92 (limited no. of places ).
From 9h to 12h30 / 14h - 17h
Picnic area
To facilitate your registration by telephone, on 04 77 49 95 92, please have the following elements to hand:

Name / Address / Telephone / Fax / E-mail
Name and first name/ Telephone / E-mail / Subject taught
Level / Specialization / Number of pupils/ Date and time of visit / theme of the visit, if a guided visit

Accepted Payment methods
The preferred means of payment is by cheque (made out to the order of the Trésor Public).
You can also pay by Order form/administrative mandate (an invoice will be sent).
For High Schools from the Rhone-Alps Region the M'RA card is accepted. Preference is for pre-payment if your institution has a card reader. An "operational code" will be sent to debit the cards at the time of your reservation.
Please therefore ensure you have your institution code. If you use the M'RA card during your visit to the Biennial, please group the cards and leave them at the ticket office for payment to avoid unnecessary queues.

Collecting tickets

On arrival, please present your visit confirmation at the group ticket office, at the time allotted by the telephone reservation.
Tickets can be collected as from the 14th March 2013.
A picnic area is available free of charge.
10h - 17h for the cloakroom.
Supervision from 11h30 - 14h30 for the meals.

The Cité de design declines any liability for loss or theft. The pupils are under the responsibility of
the teaching staff.