1/1Place au changement/Place du géant.
Activer un lieu passe par l’activation de la population.
Credit : Collectif ETC, 2011
ExperimentPlace au changement
2e opus
Quartier Châteaucreux
The Collective Etc, commissioned by the Public Town-Planning Institution of Saint-Etienne (EPASE), offers to create a second phase of the project "Place au changement/ Place du Géant" (time to change, giant's square). This participative work of public space construction, in the heart of the Chateaucreux quarter, had been initiated following a public tender for the project in 2011. The Collective Etc wishes to create places of discussion and to concretise an improvement in the building environment and utilisation in and around the "Place du Géant". The collective will accompany the worksite with activities making this temporary space an urban laboratory.