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Research, business, education, networks week

Conférence17 mai - 19 mai

par Marine Fulchiron Lecointe

How does Design builds bridges between Research-Business-Education ?

Since 1998, the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne has been offering training and transformation experience for the public through exhibitions and event programming. The biennial showcases visions of design, combining technical culture, creators’ productions and international expertise. Over the years, this major design event has played a role for the international community in discovering themes that reveal certain states of the world. This process has been bringing about social and economic change for over twenty years.

At a time when Europe is laying the foundations of the New European Bauhaus, and as a complement to the biennial's programming, this week dedicated to research, education and training gives designers, schools, universities, companies, and networks the opportunity to share practices and build together the foundations of lifelong education and practice in design.

Programme of the week

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Tuesday 17 mai, 9h00 – 18h00 CET

Inspire, Is the design-research an accelerator of mutations and progress for the business?

Place: Théâtre of the Biennale / Cité du design

Companies are opening up and transforming themselves through the design research that takes on its own subjects and is nourished by the links it maintains with the academic world. How does design research take root in companies? 
Inspire will take an initial assessment of the situation by bringing together members of the community of design researchers integrated into companies and higher education and research players who work with companies.
The Seminar is organized with the support of EDF Pulse Design of the Innovation Department of the EDF Group.
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Tuesday 17th May, 18h00 – 20h00 CET

Design Open Vivre

Place : Meeting room, Cité du design
Design Open is a platform for conversation at the intersection of design for innovation and transformation. The French-speaking part of Design Open Vivre took place online in 2021 and brought together different points of view on design practice: The Biennale will therefore host the first face-to-face meeting of the network, to discuss the burning issues of design in 2022.

© Design Open Vivre

Wednesday 18th May, 9h30-12h30 CET

New European Bauhaus – Will it act as a connection platform: Business / Education / Research / Civil society?

Place: Théâtre of the Biennale / Cité du design

A half-day organized by the Cité du design-Esadsein cooperation with National Association of Higher Schools of Art (ANdÉA) aims to demonstrate that the New European Bauhaus initiative is a European and a global opportunity to strengthen links between research, education, companies and networks, and to support them tomove towards positive dynamics and to use design as a driver of transformation.
The first conclusions of the co-design phase of the NEB initiative show that education and lifelong learning are the bases for the transformation. Moreover, learning by doing, method applied in artistic higher education institutions, is key to imagine and prototype new solutions.

Introduction : Presentation « Places of Learning », « NEB Lab », NEB team.

Round Table 1: New European Bauhaus instruments
The New European Bauhaus initiative activates EU funding instruments to support the transformation of education addressing challenges of the Green Deal, and to build a sustainable, beautiful and inclusive world.
Speakers (TBC):
New European Bauhaus
Joint Research Centre
Creative Europe / Horizon Europe Commissionner or EC expert
Relais Culture Europe
Agence Erasmus France
Focal Point NEB France

Round Table 2: Collaboration with and across networks
How cross-disciplinary projects are facilitated by the actions of European networks and beyond.
New horizons emerging through connecting these networks together for a wider global community.
Case studies 
EuroFabriqueLe Monde sinon rien, pour un bauhaus du vivant
Conclusion: presentation of a European project under HorizonEurope Heritage NEB, prepared by the Cité dudesign-Esadse with its partners, seven Higher Education Institutions and six members of UNESCO World Heritage cities or UNESCO Creative Cities Network .


Wednesday 18th May, 13h – 18h30 CET

Dzing-Dzing - Design research under the influence of drawing (Part 1)

Place: Auditorium of the Esadse
Drawing can give form to a field of research, influencing the design process itself. It activates a semantic of forms, writings and grammars that reveal meaning and thereby animate and disrupt the research process. How does this happen? How does drawing, through its action, disorient or reorient design research? What does it say about the status and state of this research?
On the occasion of this first part, the research team of Problemata proposes an aperitif to present this platform.

Registered participants only.
Simultaneous translation in English
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© Dzing Dzing

Wednesday 18th May afternoon

P-R-E  Practitioner Researcher Educators - IxDA Cumulus

Place: Théâtre of the Biennale / Cité du design
Organizers : IxDA &Cumulus
Practice - Research - Education: the dialogue established between the digital design professionals of IxDA and the educational and research communities represented by the Cumulus association continues in Saint-Etienne on the occasion of the Biennale with a session on the interactions between research approaches in design and with design and the reality of professional practice. At a time when the professional community of designers balances between rigour and modelling of user behaviour in their interactions with digital systems and the creative opportunity to create new experiences, it seems appropriate to question the relationship between research practice and exploration of digital cultures, their effective impact on the practices of professionals and, in return, the adequacy of the research questions in the face of the reality on the ground.

Thursday 19 May, 10h00 – 12h30 CET

BEDA Forum, Design in European Policies and beyond

Place : Théâtre of the Biennale / Cité du design
(welcome coffee at 9h30 CET)
This conference covers discussions on the position and ambitions of design in European policies with members of the Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA) and representatives of the European Commission. 
Design, Cultural and Creative Industries are driving forces to help develop the European Industrial Strategy through the fourteen sectoral ecosystems.

BEDA is part of several actions and working groups to support policies of the European Commission (EC), including:
New European Bauhaus InitiativePact for Skills Industrial ForumAdvanced Materials for Prosperity
The Montréal Design Declaration was signed by 20 international organizations in 2017. Design Declaration Committee (ICoD, CUMULUS, IxDA, IFHP, IFLA, BEDA ) will take part in the Forum to help expanding the discussions beyond Europe.

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The Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne 2022 is a programme under the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The Cité du design is an official New European Bauhaus partner.

par Marine Fulchiron Lecointe

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