Office de tourisme de Sorbiers
rue Flache
42290 Sorbiers
04 77 01 11 42
From 17/03/2015
To 05/04/2015
Richard Gonon (Luthier), Pauline Dupuy (Contrebassiste), Christophe Bourdon (Ecrivain poète), Sorbiers (Commune d’exposition)

Volu(p)tés corps d’âge, Pierre-Jean Durand

Making It (Her...!) the woman who accompanies man at any age. Its fluctuating curves represent the diverse vibrations of life; the female shape, its strengths and its low notes. The sound, texts by Georges Brassens, a stroll through a selection of stories, arouse emotions, suspending moments of life in time. Poetic texts that provide an accompaniment and lead us to query... A reassuring instrument, one that has been worked, caressed for several months, its varnished veins highlighting its lines, an instrument with a low voice that murmurs its old stories. Chiaroscuro photos showing the curves, the reflections, the human interaction with It. As the exhibition progresses, texts, songs and sounds all mingled together, make It a precious, sensitive object, a companion and confidante for humans from birth to a tender age...
Volu(p)tés corps d’âge, Pierre-Jean Durand

Friday 20 March 2015 / 18:00
Office de tourisme de Sorbiers
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Voluptés corps d'âge, office de Tourisme de Sorbiers
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