La Manufacture des Rêves
30 rue Paul Bert
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From 17/03/2015
To 12/04/2015

Carole, Marc et les autres

Carole, Marc et les autres is an installation from the window display of the workshop (La Manufacture des Rêves), a place where textile and graphic creations are produced. The installation consists of two parts: «Histoire de famille» (textile sculpture, drawings) is an artistic offering on the question of identity and fabric as a vector of transmission and «Miscellanées» is an exhibition of garments and hybrid accessories falling somewhere between artisanal manufacturing (lace, trousseaus, embroidery) and the use of technical or so-called intelligent textiles (luminescent fabrics, laser cutting, 3D printing). These two parts of the installation raise questions about the relationship we have with our clothing and the way textiles can convey stories, give shape to an identity and create social bonds.
Défilé: Carole, Marc et les autres

Saturday 14 March 2015 / 21:00
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Carole, Marc et les autres, installation textile et graphique & création de vêtements et accessoires.
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