Léa Bougeault - Studio Miit
Office de tourisme Loire Forez
1 place Eugène Baune
42600 Montbrison
04 77 96 08 69
From 14/03/2015
To 15/04/2015
Festival Clap ton Film, Office du Tourisme Loire Forez

Le sens du bon

Culinary designer, food designer, eating designer - in these days where gastronomy is almost a new religion, what are these new players in the food world concocting for us? Are they creating beautiful plates of food? Are they designing beautiful cakes? Are they developing extraordinary recipes based on molecular cuisine? Are they making traditional dishes more attractive? Aesthetics... but for what purpose? If we think about it, man has always paid attention to the form his food takes. Firstly, for functional reasons (the circular shape of cheeses enables them to be rolled and transported easily: hamburger buns enable us to eat hot food without burning or getting our fingers dirty, etc.); and then also for aesthetic reasons (the colours of pizza - red tomatoes, white mozzarella and green basil - symbolise the Italian flag, etc.). And so the culinary designer challenges the way we eat and cook by imagining new practices and new forms, connected with particular issues or new modes of consumption. Food becomes a material that we need to "stage" to give it meaning. Playing with food to heighten the senses and create meaning, this is what Léa Bougeault is trying to do in her activity as a culinary designer at the Miit studio.
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Ramène Ta Pomme, Verger contemporain
© Jan Keith Kawa Chan
Tea for two, un cookie à consommer à deux, les yeux dans les yeux
© Léa Bougeault
Jan in a bag, recette traditionnelle flamande
© Léa Bougeault