Agence BP Design
Médiathèque L’OPSIS
Place Jean Jaurès
04 77 53 93 60
From 12/03/2015
To 03/04/2015
Ville de Roche-la-Molière, Société E.ITEC et Société Roger Mondelin

La conception industrielle par l’usage

BP Design, an agency that specialises in designing industrial products, presents, during this exhibition, two projects that are different, but in which in both cases, the users' needs have been taken into consideration from the product creation phase.

The first of the two projects on display concerns the design of a joint kit for the building trade (tilers). Proof that design and innovation through practices can also apply to this type of product. The second project concerns the design of a shroud for a water potabilisation unit. The product is intended mainly for use in poor countries or in industries treating polluted water. It enables foul water to be treated so that it can be used as drinking water.
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Maquette du carénage de l'unité de potabilisation
Design by BP Design pour société E.ITEC
© BP Design
Présentation du Kit à joint pour carreleurs
Design by BP Design pour société Roger Mondelin
© BP Design
Présentation de l'étude design du Kit à joint
Design by BP Design pour société Roger Mondelin
© BP Design