ExhibitionVous voulez rire ?Église le Corbusier
Curator: Benjamin Girard
Scenography: 5.5 designers
Does design take itself too seriously ? What is the role of humour in this field ? In these morose times, lightheartedness can provide empathy, de-dramatize rituals and revive the daily routine. Humour is a function, like any other, with a role to play in design. Certain producers, such as Alessi, Moooi, or Atypik, have appropriated this function to the extent of making it their trademark. Certain designers use it to feed their creations, such as the iconoclast Marti Guixé, the Front designers, Droog, or the 5.5 designers, impertinent conceptors of the exhibition's scenography.

1/4Triticum barra de flama, emballage de boulangerie
© Lo Siento Studio, 2012
2/4Berg Cloud, Little Printer, 2012 ©Berg Cloud
3/4Weight and See, tabouret pèse-personne, Ivan DUVAL et Jean-Sébastien IDES, 2011 © ATYPYK
4/4Axe Bookshleves, étagère haches
© Max Kuwertz & Yanik Balzer, 2012