ExhibitionSixième sensCurators: Isabelle Gomez &
Bernard Laroche (DESIGNERS+),
Isabelle Vérilhac
Scenography: Adrien Rovero

Cité du design - Bâtiments H

In the dictionary, sixth sense is defined as a synonym of intuition, or creative empathy; qualities which we sometimes bestow on designers. This faculty would appear necessary in fact to be able to go beyond simple reason and to produce living environments which are neither standard nor de-stabilizing, but which are adapted to the full range of human diversity. How does creation deal with the relation between the norm and the accident, between the standard and disorder? Thanks to this illuminating perception, this sixth sense, designers can conceive improved user comfort for all, by taking into consideration the frailties of some, the specificities of others. It thus becomes possible to ensure a cohabitation of uses, practices and needs which are both common and, at the same time, particular.

The Sixth Sense exhibition is designed by Isabelle Gomez, designer, and Bernard Laroche, consultant, both commissioned by the collectif Designers+. This presentation brings together actions and projects from local authorities, enterprises, laboratories and designers. All have in common the aim of finding products, services and accessible spaces which are attractive to all, by giving each visitor the possibility to "experience the other".

1/12Safety Navigation for Senior Citizen, Système de navigation sécurisée pour les citoyens séniors, Université d'Oulu, Université du Lapland, Scope Associates, Finlande, 2012 © Prof. Petri Pulli (Université d'Oulu)
2/12KARTELBRAILLE, borne multisensorielle, EO guidage, 2012
Crédit photo : EO guidage
3/12Horoge aide-mémoire, horloge, Pierre Charrié, tableau digital, bloc-note et enregistreur vocal, 2012
Crédit photo : Véronique Huygue
4/12Line, porte-manteaux, MretMlle design, chêne, 2012
Crédit photo : Jean-Marie Reymond
5/12Poignée Leonardo, poignée de porte, Fabrizio Bianchetti, édition, Ghidini Group, Italie, 2012
6/12A-part, maquette salle de bain, Joël Dunkl, bois et aluminium, ENSCI Les Ateliers, 2012
Crédit photo : Samy Rio
7/12Les yeux derrière la tête, École Boulle, Pauline Androlus, 2012
8/12Touch & See, agitateurs, Audrey Dodo gamme Touch & See, 2012
9/12Nanovib, marteau, Fiskars France, 2012
10/12Les yeux derrière la tête, École Boulle, Pauline Androlus, 2012
11/12Les yeux derrière la tête, École Boulle, Pauline Androlus, 2012
12/12Les yeux derrière la tête, École Boulle, Pauline Androlus, 2012