c’est l’aventure
Curator: ESADSE*
Higher School of Art and Design Saint-Etienne (ESADSE)

At the 2010 International Design Biennial, the Higher School of Art and Design Saint-Etienne (ESADSE) proposed an exhibition called School's Out. This assembled final study productions of students graduating from the art and design options. Adventure is adventure continues in this vein but on a larger scale, as was the case in 2006 with the exhibition; Let the Adventure Begin, produced on the same principle, but distinct from the Biennial.

The ESADSE trains artists, designers, authors and professionals in general, in all fields which promote creativity. The graduates' plastic-art projects, produced after five years of study, are generally characterised by the research of a balance between sense and sensibility. Adventure is adventure brings together in the field of art and design as many conceptions of the world and of creation as there are graduates, within a generation going through the same uncertainties and interrogations.

*Sélection of design projects:
Rodolphe Dogniaux and Claire Fayolle

Selection of art projects:
Valérie Orgeret

Group of students of the ESADSE overseen by Claire Fayolle, Rodolphe Dogniaux and Valérie Orgeret