Œuvre de Nathalie Talec
Alexandre Nossovski architecte DPLG
Stéphane Dwernicki designer
All images copyright ©MMXI A. Nossovski & S. Dwernicki et ADAGP/Nathalie Talec
Affiliated exhibitionGimme ShelterCité du design - Place d’armes
For the IDEAL HOME project, the artist Nathalie Talec, wanted to propose a new form of refuge which was fictional, empathic, and luminous: Gimme Shelter; This original glass shelter, based on the sensitive Modulor principles of Le Corbusier, traces an unusual vibratory case in a public space; an urban base camp where human, aesthetic and subjective experiences should co-habit. Gimme Shelter materializes survival street furniture through light, and lends a corporal meaning to architecture. With its range of reflections and transparencies, Gimme Shelter acts as a convergence point and social landmark, leading to a singular experience of otherness.