Systems, not Stuff

Cité du design – ManufactureIn the increasingly dematerialised future, systems will become more important than stuff. Lisa White invites you to explore the...


Resurrecting the Sublime

Cité du design – ManufactureCould we ever again smell flowers driven to extinction by humans? Resurrecting the Sublime is an immersive exhibition which...


Design in Tech

Carte blanche to John Maeda

Cité du design – ManufactureFrom early January to the end of March, Cité du design will collaborate with John Maeda, as part of the program Design in Tech...



The Negotiating Table

Cité du design – ManufactureGenerally considered as the art of agreeing with others, negotiation also means reconciling conflicting interests. It creates...


China focus


Cité du design – Manufacture Équi-libre, a panorama of current Chinese design, shows the birth of Chinese design that accompanies the growth of domestic...




Cité du design – ManufactureWhat will the city be like tomorrow? How do we transform the city to make common ground and create a common vision of the city...


Biennale in the City, Resonance

The Biennale has spread all over the city, and even outside the city of Saint-Étienne, to be closer to everyone. Museums,...


Thinking of common ground

Cité du design – ManufactureFor this 11th edition, the Biennale will invite Cynthia Fleury, teacher-researcher in political philosophy and psychoanalyst;...


Design and Wondrous

The Nature of Ornementation

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Saint-Etienne MétropoleUntil April 21st 2019 at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Saint-Etienne Métropole. From representations of natural...



When the design acts as an intermediary

Cité du design – Bâtiment des forces motricesDedicated to French companies, this exhibition will present design as an intermediary between technology and users. Through a...


Joy Inclusion

Jean-Sébastien Poncet and students of the Montravel School of Horticulture

Cité du design – ManufactureThe designer Jean-Sébastien Poncet to carry out projects in the courtyard of the main buildings of the Manufacture. He will...


Culinary Design

Marc Brétillot, Fabuleuse Cantine, City of Saint-Étienne

Cité du design – ManufactureThe culinary designer Marc Brétillot is a guest of the Biennale and will cater for the visitors by creating unique menus for a...


La Platine

Place of experiences, living lab of Cité du design

Cité du design – La Platine Living Lab of Cité du Design, the Platine will be transformed into a place of encounter, experimentation and co-creation to...