Visiting the biennial


Family visits

€12 (1 parent 1 child) €3 for each extra child. Manufacture-Cité du Design site.

Children's workshop
€6. Manufacture-Cité du Design site.

Magic Bus
€5, free for the under 12s. Booking required.

C'est quoi ce travail ?

for families
Generally considered as matter for adults, the world of work occupies an important place in our daily lives. Imagined as an intergenerational trail, the guided tour offers a softly-softly approach to the professional world.
Durée: 1h30
Every Saturday and Sunday at 10 am and 2.30 pm
Every Wednesday at 2.30 pm

Quand je serai grand-e...
j'enverrai des cartes postales

Individual children's workshop (aged 6-11)
Will today's doctor be tomorrow's numeropath, treating our addiction to digital technology? The Quand je serai grand-e... workshop plunges children into the jobs of tomorrow, necessary evolutions of today's jobs. In successive steps, they create the graphic composition of a postcard, their passport to a possible job of the future. Each child will then be able to send the card to the person of his or her choice.
Concept: Bernadette Editions
duration: 1h30
Every Saturday and Sunday at 10 am, 2 and 3.30 pm
Every Wednesday at 3.30 pm

Playbor teen darkroom

A teen space, teens must be 11 or over in 2017 to take part
The playbor (play labor), a concept developed by Trebor Scholz, a researcher in the digital labor field will take on all its meaning in the Teen Darkroom: away from prying eyes, the radical video games of Molle Industria and a set of serious games will set our teens to work. No more couch surfing at home, no more strolling idly around the Biennale: it's time to get down to work with a smile!
Duration: 1h30
Free access with the entry ticket