Jazz - ©Arno Bitschy

Urban Focus Detroit / Saint-Étienne

Cinéma Le Méliès / Jarring Effects Label

THU 30 MAR / 20.00

Jarring Effects presents previews of Jazz and Resilience, two documentaries made by Arno Bitschy, which reveal multiple facets of Detroit, one of the most enigmatic cities in the United States.

Showings of Arno Bitschy's documentaries on Detroit (USA) "Resilience" at 9pm and Jazz at 11pm with a round table in between, at 9pm on : Gentrification & the involvement of the institutions and their roles in the rehabilitation of brownfield sites in the presence of social and cultural stakeholders from Saint-Étienne.

Followed by an After-aperitif, Share What you Like - bring a record connected to Detroit and share it with others!
Site : Cinéma Le Méliès
10 Place Jean Jaurès - Saint-Étienne