Office Party lamp by Chris Kabel
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IN Exhibition

Overview of shifting work paradigms

Cité du design - Pôle recherche sous la direction d’Olivier Peyricot with Marie Lechner

At a time when work is invading our private spheres, the domestic space offers no escape from this hegemonic movement. The industrial gesture has invited itself into our homes through a multitude of gadgets that now fill them, to the extent that our homes are gradually mutating into "industrial terminals". In the same vein, in this all-digital age, the modern and contemporary user is building multiple facets for him or herself: professional and leisure activities mingle on a daily basis, turning him or her into a mass creator of useful/useless data that participate in a permanent (in)visible and all-consuming job of work. This exhibition will unfold a panorama of the shifting paradigms of work and its emerging forms to sketch in some of its possible ends or alternatives. Whether they are alarmist, salutary or mystical, the future and possible shifts in work paradigms represent a plethora of existential possibilities that provide us with an opportunity to invent new social organisations, new tools and new ways of living together.
Curator : Cité du design - Pôle recherche (sous la direction d’Olivier Peyricot, avec Jennifer Rudkin, Tiphaine Kazi-Tani, Léo-Pol Martin) avec/with Marie Lechner
Scenography : g.u.i (Nicolas Couturier, Benoît Verjat et Cyril A. Magnier)
Site : Site Cité du design
3 Rue Javelin Pagnon 42000 Saint-Étienne