Grand Angle, fauteuil, École Boulle, Majencia, Projet Partenarial VIA 2014
©Colombe Clier
IN Exhibition

Le bureau est mort,
vive le bureau !

The concept of work is changing - and it's up to office furniture to adapt! Flexibility, conviviality, fun, comfort, health are the watchwords of the new situation. Soundproof panels and sofas are out in force.

The disappearance of the cupboard emphasises the advent of the digital era. A reinvention of office furniture that offers immense scope to designers and furniture manufacturers. Several new generations are taking over the controls, with their decompartmentalised approach, with the youngest generation expecting to work in project mode and as free agents. With less hierarchy, a nomadic spirit, a more personalised and informal relationship with work, they define 4 new populations a world away from the Taylorism of the early 20th century, still present in many open space work environments: "nomadic mercenaries", "office gamers", "family spirits" and office Epicureans".

Curator : Jean-Paul Bath, Directeur Général du VIA
Designers et fabricants : Perrine Vigneron, Gilles Belley, La Manufacture du Design, Christian Horner, Bene, École Boulle, Majencia, Roger Tallon, Eurosit, Iratzoki Lizaso, Sokoa, Normal Studio, Steelcase
Site : Office de Tourisme de Saint-Étienne
16 avenue de la Libération – Saint-Étienne

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