Maker Mile- Londres ©Machines Room
Rue de la République du design

Human Citizens office

A place to discover the experiments conducted with the partners in the European Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale project, which looked at the urban environment and how inhabitants are reinventing their city.

Occupying empty spaces to try out new working or educational methods, bringing makers together to help to develop the neighbourhood, activating public spaces with cultural players, voluntary bodies, users and local residents, etc.: the experiment conducted by the partners in the European Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale project are presented in the Human Cities expo-lab. Challenging the "urban scale" and reinvention of the city, it brings together 12 European partners led by the Cité du Design as part of the European Union's Creative Europe programme.
Maker Mile- Londres ©Machines Room
Bratovsceva Ploscad - Ljubljana © Blaž Jamšek /Photoarchive UIRS, Human Cities, 2015
Curator : Cité du design – Pôles Relations internationales et Design Management pour les collectivités locales
Scenography : Jean-Sébastien Poncet et .CORP
Opening days and hours : Monday-Sunday 11 am to 7 pm
Closed on Sunday 2 April
Site :
8 rue de la république - Saint-Étienne


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Human Citizens office
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