A collective energy that challenges the way we live today

Ludovic Noël

General manager of the Cité du design

The 10th Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne will once again be an illustration of the dynamics of the singular ecosystem at work in the Saint-Etienne district, with its design school that is a centre of excellence, a design centre and an international event.

Illustrated by the involvement of the ESADSE in the Biennale programming - this time it is presenting fifteen different projects. Projects that involve our school, but also other higher education institutes, both French and from abroad, that we have invited to take part and express their views of shifting work paradigms.

Illustrated by scientific directors at the Cité du design who are making the theme of this Biennale 2017 a strong and durable focus, one that reflects the long-term priorities of this centre of research and innovation. This theme complements those currently being developed at the Cité du design on subjects that touch on societal challenges where design has something to add, such as mobility, digital technology or the factory of the future.

Illustrated by the desire for a Biennale, which beyond the exhibitions, opens up fields of experimentation to transform the district into a great living laboratory. Several projects are being tried out for the first time at this 10th edition: Lucky Larry's Cosmic Commune, Rue de la République du Design, tens of company "Labos" set up among the exhibitions, etc.
Ludovic Noël
Illustrated by the Biennale's reach and reputation and in particular within the UNESCO Creative Cities network. This year's Guest of Honour the city of Detroit will therefore be able to share with us its experience of rehabilitating a city through its creative industries, but also and above all, the involvement of local citizens and the participatory processes at work in this city.

Illustrated, finally, by the involvement of all the players and partners in the district, enabling us to extend the Biennale to the whole of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, mobilising all the institutional, cultural, voluntary and collective operators that are actively taking part in the programming of this 10th edition.

A collective energy that challenges the way we live today - and a range of emerging practices to help us to understand where we are headed.