École des Mines
158 cours Fauriel
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From 12/03/2015
To 12/04/2015

Stéphanoises d’hier à aujourd’hui vers demain

Stéphanoises d'hier à aujourd'hui vers demain is an exhibition of 49 portraits celebrating the image and actions of women in Saint-Etienne, through history and their specific areas of interest. This highlighting of the women of Saint-Etienne, who individually or collectively left their mark on their times, is a tribute to the diversity of women's lives and a recognition of their direct or indirect contributions to our city's renown. The exhibition and the popular venues where it is taking place open up perspectives to encourage other women to put themselves forward and feel that they are recognised. The 49 panels illustrate the courage shown by these women of the Loire in overcoming the difficulties inherent in being a woman, at both societal and family level, which remain shockingly similar today.
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Stéphanoises d'hier à aujourd'hui vers demain
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