The Biennale

The Cité du design, Saint-Étienne — © C.Pierot

The Biennale, an iconic event in an innovative territory, open to the world

Deeply rooted in its territory, the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne mobilizes all actors, institutions and companies, thus transforming Saint-Étienne into a centre of design trends and relying on an innovative industrial fabric. Because research is a source of innovation and forwardlooking, Saint-Étienne region places it at the heart of its economic renewal. Saint-Étienne ranks 9th among French metropolises in terms of patents filed.

The Cité du design, premier french design hub

A platform for creativity, teaching and research, the Cité du design is a tool for innovation which is unique in France. Located on the emblematic site of Saint-Étienne’s former arms factory (the Manufacture district), the Cité du design also integrates the Higher school of art and design. It gives the Manufacture district a unique position in France for creativity and design.

The Cité also produces exhibitions, publications, and holds conferences to make design accessible to everyone and organizes the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne.

Saint-Étienne, the city

The Saint-Étienne metropolis lies at the crossroads of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, where 7 million people work, live, interact and pass every day. In Europe, this new region is just behind Lombardy and Baden-Württemberg and ahead of Catalonia in terms of GDP.
Saint-Étienne is one of the Top 15 major French cities due to its:
— 400 000 inhabitants
— 31 000 companies
— 25 000 students

International recognition

The only French city to be a Unesco-designated Creative City of Design. Alongside international cities such as Berlin, Bilbao, Kobe, Montreal, Beijing and Turin, Saint-Étienne is now a global benchmark for design and creativity. In a land known for ingenuity, the people of Saint-Étienne have always demonstrated originality, resourcefulness and imagination.
While constantly innovating, Saint-Étienne sowed the seeds for design two hundred years ago, in forging a close bond between art and industry. Over the years, design has become a lever for economic development and urban innovation. So much so that since November 2010, Saint-Étienne has been recognised by Unesco as a Creative City of Design.

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