The Gateway
to inclusion

The Gateway to Inclusion, © François Dumas

François Dumas, designed a structure, totem pole for the London Biennale, entitled The Gateway to Inclusion. Made of steel and ribbon — two of Saint-Étienne’s traditional industries — the Gateway symbolizes the Biennale’s focus on inclusion in design through its colors, shapes and viewpoints. The steel arches are dressed in ribbons created by Neyret, an international ribbon manufacturer established in Saint-Étienne in 1823. Lisa White worked closely with the WGSN colour team using the new Coloro color-coding system to express a rainbow of design colors for 2019. The experts at Neyret developed an innovative technique of stretching the industrial ribbons in an almost couture manner to fit Dumas’ distinctive design.

« The long, narrow path offered by the jetty inspired me to design this Gateway in a way that would enhance the experience of walking on it, together with others, from all walks of life. The colorful ribbons will create a centripetal movement that invites the audience to prolong their experience by visiting the Biennale 2019. »

Neyret is a French manufacturer servicing brands worldwide with luxury textile ribbons, labels and accessories. Driven since 1823 by passion and excellence, it constantly bolsters its advanced industrial expertise with the latest innovations. The luxury, fashion and events markets can avail of its creative and technical solutions in the packaging, labelling, promotional and embellishment fields.

In collaboration with Neyret — Weaving innovation (Saint-Étienne, France)

With the support of Somobi- SAS, steel construction (Le Chambon-Feugerolles, France)

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