TRIBE – Grow Startup Happiness

Strate, École de design

Tribe is the first productivity tool based on happiness. Does nobody talk in your company ? Do some employees feel useless ? Is the product not developing fast enough ? Does it seem like there are never the right people are in the office at the same time ? Do you have the impression that you are the only one who does any work ? Do you feel physically unwell in your workspace ? All these issues are connected and the key to them is happiness. A study by the University of Warwick has shown that being happy at work can increase productivity by 37%. Improving the happiness of your employees remains complex, but it can be done. Tribe concentrates on simulating 4 universes:

Performance - because Humans need to feel useful.
The Environment - because your body needs to feel good.
The Team - because you need to understand the people you work with.
The Project - because you have to know your role and your place.

Tribe is based on a curative organisational model that aims to be as holistic as possible to be capable of giving you the best indications and advice possible. Tribe collects the organisation's
data, analyses them and advises the different stakeholders. Tribe is designed to work perfectly within start-ups' workflows and using it improves the entrepreneurial experience.

Author : Nicolas FALLOURD, 2015
Venue : Agora - Platine - Cité du design/ESADSE (Site Manufacture)
Dates : from 9 March to 9 April