"Compter pour mieux conter", Annabel Bonnard, Clémentine Mechri - Exposition « La gueule de l’emploi »
IN Exhibition

For the Biennale, a call for projects was put out to ESADSE's students in January 2016 for reflections and productions on the theme of shifting work paradigms. Some sixty art and design students in years 2 to 5 put forward about thirty projects. After a selection process by an internal ESADSE, Cité du design and Biennale panel, about thirty students and fifteen projects were chosen and these will be on show alongside the other designers' projects in the Biennale exhibitions and in different places round the city of Saint-Etienne. Thanks to the eclecticism of its students' proposals, the ESADSE continues to assert itself as an innovative experimental laboratory in different artistic fields, anticipating and revealing social changes to come.
Curator : Rodolphe Dogniaux, Emilie Perotto, Emmanuelle Becquemin et Benjamin Graindorge (enseignants à l’ESADSE) et Daria Ayvazova (étudiante chercheur au CyDRe)