Cimetière de La Ricamarie, © Florian Kleinefenn / Parc-musée de la mine, 2016
IN Exhibition

Travail, quand tu nous tiens…

Allégories du travail/ 1850–2017 Saint-Étienne Métropole

Painted walls and roundabouts, public buildings, monuments, churches and cemeteries, but also tags and allegories of today's underground world: the representations of work are many and varied in our day-to-day environment. They talk to us about our relationship with work and its place in our lives.

From physical labour, the emblem of the industrial world of the 19th century and the utopias that went with it to the allegories of today present on our war monuments or in the middle of our roundabouts, the Puits Couriot's exhibition invites us on a stroll around the laboratory-territory that Saint-Étienne has become to reflect on the way the world has changed and the meaning of the questions we ask ourselves.
Scenography : Guliver design
Site : Puits Couriot / Parc – Musée de la Mine
3 Rue du Maréchal Franchet d’Esperey 42100 Saint-Étienne