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Art installation

The Nouveau Théâtre Beaulieu, in partnership with the Cité du Design and Ville de Saint-Étienne, with the backing of Saint-Étienne Métropole and Région Rhone Alpes Auvergne, is presenting an artistic structure that will be installed on Esplanade Roinat. This work has been designed and produced by a participatory process, i.e. by involving people who live and work in the neighbourhood, in order to reflect as sharply as possible the identities of the people who will see it every day. Local organisations (C.S Beaulieu, C.S. Alferd Sisley, Comité des quatre quartiers, Association Targa, Sauvegarde Prévention...) took part, supported by two designers who coordinated the project. The workshops gave the residents the chance to meet designers and were an opportunity for each person to express his or her creative side...

Designers :

Matichard Marie-Eve,
Barnabé Gaël,
Site :
Place René Roinat


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