Ressources Humaines

Haute École d’Art et Design de Genève

We are currently seeing an explosion in the uses of sensor technologies. They enable us to record or detect behaviours, such as the physical activity of a wearer, even potentially his need to rest. Such data risk being used increasingly within the framework of corporate human resources policies. How will these technologies change life in organisations? What does this management of the pace of life of the individuals concerned imply?

Participants in the project : Master Media Design, HEAD - Genève

Authors :
Overtime : Martin Besson, Mai Li, Israel Viadest
Performance Review : Patrick Arthur Donaldson, Yoann Douillet, Benoît Renaudin
Career Management : Margaux Charvolin, Vincent de Vevey

Venue : Agora - Platine - Cité du design/ESADSE (Site Manufacture)

Dates : du 9 mars au 9 avril from 9 March to 9 April