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“Archi Meublés” project

Students from the ENSASE (Saint-Etienne architecture school) and the ESADSE will be playing with conventional furniture codes by transforming a series of items of furniture donated by the association Chrysalide Ressourceries. The challenge is to create new uses for new objects using the same amount of materials. The work process involves making suitable visual representations, drawings, then the practical work in the ESADSE's technical workshops, as for a real job. An exhibition will enable the public to discover and appreciate the joint designer/architect creations. Chrysalide Ressourceries has provided us with about thirty objects: bed frame, chair, stool, bedside table, armchair, pedestal table, wardrobe, etc. One object is allocated to each team made up of students from the ENSASE and the ESADSE. They must then make another functional object using the same amount of material, therefore creating a new use for a new object.
Curator : Patrick Condouret (enseignant en arts visuels à l’ENSASE) ; Michel Philippon (enseignant en design à l’ESADSE)
Partners : Association Chrysalide Ressourceries
Site : Atelier Les Charrons
45 bis rue de la Mulatière, 42000 Saint-Étienne

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