La coop du 8 ter rue de la République à Saint Genest Lerpt, années 50
© MH Chovet
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Peindre le travail

The canvases I am presenting are part of a corpus of works put together for n academic study: "Peinture et histoire(s), Saint-Étienne, territoire d'un roman familial" (Painting and history(ies), Saint-Étienne, land of a family novel). Based on photographic archives accumulated by my father and grandfather, both of whom were miners and amateur photographers, I make mining scenes, Saint-Étienne landscapes bearing the stigmata of the mining industry and workers' allotments. My painting is characterised by being executed on recovered materials, hessian or old sheets not stretched on a frame, which I stain with Prussian blue or ochre.
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Grenette – Saint-Galmier