Narcisse 1-2012 - Atelier Cahen et
Banc d'essai 2017


Nadine CAHEN et Laurent GREGORI

"Narcisse" is a range of furniture consisting of 6 different models and 18 visuals printed on compact laminate.
The streamlined shapes of the benches give free rein to a dialogue between the classic materials used for outdoor furniture - wood and steel - and the self-supporting compact laminate developed for the contemporary building industry.
Each component can easily be replaced, facilitating long-term maintenance.

Somewhere between "outdoor picture" and trompe-l'oei, these benches challenge our senses, spur us to stop and rest a while and cause our gaze to stray.

Their surfaces reveal "parallel landscapes" and they open doors onto a faraway version of nature.
Installed in an urban setting, they can also offer a moment of poetry, a spot to daydream and a touch of nature that would otherwise be lacking.

Why should outdoors not be treated with as much care as indoors, to build more people-friendly urban environments?
These benches are produced in partnership with Métalco, which has been making furniture for over 30 years.
They were originally created for the Chaumont sur Loire Festival and were selected by L'Observeur du design.
Narcisse 1-2012 - Atelier Cahen et
Narcisse 6-2012 - Atelier Cahen et Gregori
Narcisse 1/2/6-2012 - Atelier Cahen et Gregori
Materials : Stainless, compact laminate and wood
Site :
Rue Louis Braille 42000 Saint-Etienne