Make It Yours

Strate, École de design

The concept is quite simple: when you encounter a problem, why not take a few seconds to tell the MIY community about it and look for a solution that you could introduce later. In concrete terms, the idea was to use the strengths of all the users to resolve our problems or at the very least to make them so that competent people can repair them. My project has therefore taken the form of an app that allows users to report a problem, propose a solution, make it and come and set it up. MIY is in the form of a smartphone so that it is accessible in a simple way. The app is divided into 3 parts so that each user can chose their degree of involvement. These different groups are set up to simplify the involvement of people in a project. And so the Searchers raise a problem they encounter in their daily work, take a photo or make a video and pass it on to the community in that way. The Thinkers appropriate the problem and think about the best solution that could be applied with the tools available. The Installers bring the solutions found by the community to the place where the problem occurs. Involvement in one of these groups is not exclusive - it is possible to be involved in several groups at the same time or separately.

Author : Thomas WASSELIN, 2015
Venue : Agora - Platine - Cité du design/ESADSE (Site Manufacture)
Dates : from 9 March to 9 April