Matières d'art #14
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Matières d’art #14

The IRMACC brought in designer Pascaline De Glo de Besses for a collective project where the art and design trades collaborate on craft objects and scenography projects.
The association is supporting arts and crafts professionals in order to promote the notion of craftsmanship and the unique creation. Here you can find light fittings, crockery, jewellery, textile accessories, illustrations, leather items, etc. All unique objects made by hand and sometimes on at the frontier of craftsmanship and art.
Site : L’atelier du coin
11 rue Roger Salengro – Saint-Étienne


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SAT 11 MAR / 10.00
Matières d’art #14
L'atelier du coin
11 rue Roger Salengro - Saint-Étienne