Jerszy Seymour by Milos Djuric

Lucky Larry’s Cosmic Commune

"Lucky Larry was around at the beginning of time when the first molecules decided to reproduce themselves and it all-started. He's lucky and he would like to share it with you"

Jerszy Seymour proposes a place for people to stay during the Biennale which will operate as an experiment in a utopian non-utopia whose circular economy will condition its existence. It will therefore be possible to visit and sleep there, taking part in the cooking, cleaning, gardening and distributing propaganda material for the concept. It will be a complete living space where people can thrive collectively.

Jerszy Seymour by Milos Djuric
JSDW © Jersey Seymour
Curator : Jerszy Seymour
Site : Bâtiment H - Site Cité du design
3 Rue Javelin Pagnon 42000 Saint-Étienne