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Lighting designer: les Éclaireurs

Rive de Gier

As part of its policy of enhancing its remarkable industrial buildings, Saint-Étienne Métropole has chosen to illuminate the Cheminée de Châteauneuf, near Rive de Giers. Les Éclaireurs, lighting designers, have illuminated 12 m of the top of the chimney (height 108m) with strings of lights forming a dynamic screen (some 1,000 light points or a total of 10,000 LEDs). The lighting installation based on powerful flashes and the chimney can be seen from the main Lyon Saint-Étienne road, from the railway and from the entire town of Rive-de-Gier and the surrounding area.
The illumination of the chimney is an important project as it helps to increase the visibility of the district's design-related creativity.
The illumination is a permanent year-round feature, with changing programmes. As is the case for the Biennale, a special order can be placed with an artist/designer to highlight major events taking place in the district