Les Labos (Biennale 2015) ©PierreGrasset


Launched for the first time at the 2013 Biennale Internationale Design, The Labs are experimentation spaces for users to interact with products or services.
Providing a platform for exchange and co-creation between businesses and users, The labs create a unique and direct contact with the end user. Trade professionals exhibit their projects at various stages in their conception (prototypes, mock-ups, demonstrations, etc.) by means of a user-centric innovation approach. The space thus offers visitors to the Biennial the chance to discover and test run new concepts and take an active part in the collaborative creation process.
Encouraginig the involvement and participation of the user (end user or project parner user) is a key challenge in the conception and development of any product or service. Visitors are invited into the heart of the innovation strategy, where they are obeserved, questioned and asked to contribute so that they become players in the process and so that businesses are able to adapt their supply to the users' demand.
Curator : Cité du design - Pôle entreprises et innovation
Site : Site Cité du design
3 rue Javelin Pagnon - 42000 Saint-Étienne