City at work, inclusive city

UNESCO creative cities of design roundtable

THU 9 MAR / 14.30 - 17.00

The international Biennale of Design Saint-Etienne celebrates its 10th edition on the theme of "Working Promesse, Shifting work paradigms", and will gather the other UNESCO cities of design in order to work together around the goal of design in public action innovation. Detroit, which has been designated at the end of 2016, is this edition's guest of honor; it will show how a city can rebuild itself by supporting small entrepreneurship and creative economy, by putting art and design at the center of its economic growth.

Intervenants :
Gael Perdriau, Saint-Etienne's Mayor, Vice-President of the Metropolis of Saint-Etienne
Nathalie Arnould, Design Manager Saint-Étienne Métropole
Olivier Peyricot, Scientific Director of the International Biennale of Design Saint-Etienne 2017, head of the research pole of the Cité du Design
Josyane Franc, Head of international affairs of the Cité du design
Maurice Cox, General Director of urban planning, Detroit Department of planning and development
Marie-Josée Lacroix, Commissioner of design of the City of Montreal
Qiaobo NI, UNESCO Representative, assistant program specialist of the UNESCO creative cities

Modération :
Laetitia Wolff
, strategic initiatives manager of AIGA, the professional association for design, New York

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Auditorium - Cité du design

3 rue Javelin Pagnon - Saint-Étienne