Camille à la pêche. Robe, top, accessoire, jouet en bois. © LMC juin 2016
Rue de la République du design

Ethical solidarity shop

La Maison de Camille

Alternative consumption, environmentally friendly and promoting values of solidarity

La Maison de Camille is a group of 3 associations based in Rhône-Alpes, 228 employees on work integration schemes, working on re-employment activities. The project helps to make people reintegrating the world of work more employable by enhancing their experience: creation, team-working, making things, sales, mobility, etc.
Opening days and hours : from Tuesday to Friday 10 am -12 and 1.30 - 6 pm and on Saturdays: 2 - 6 pm
Site :
3 Rue de la République Saint-Etienne