Design moi un tiers-lieu - Reproduction 3D d’oeuvres prototypées pendant les workshops de l’expérience.
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Tiers Lieux’s experience

Fork the world!

To the title Working Promesse, Third Places reply: Fork The World! The fork, a passport to employment? The Fork (a fork to eat with or a fork in the road) is more than just an in-between, it is a third way. This dynamic means that Third Places are areas of freedom, places of invention and workshops for the singular shaping of new work organisations.

Co, Wiki, Camp, Fab, Make, Free, Open, Blockchain ... the often code-like language that structures the types of services offered by 'third places" is wide and diversified. If for the promoters of the SMART-city these prefixes are part of a mad scramble for the new markets in the so-called "smart" city, the Third Place is experienced here as a social, economic and environmental process. Smartness is collective. It is the user, and not the designer or decider, who defines the language, the codes and the rules of use. "A Third Place is not defined by what is said about it, but by what we make of it": and so it is a matter of Experiencing it!

The RDC, a designers' collective, was invited to join in the life of some of these so-called "third" places so that they could share and pass on the Experience. Received by Yoann Duriaux, "Super Concierge", and the members of local and international Third Places, together they created the World Trusting Foundation, a "mental entity" in charge of the Experience/Experiment. Le Fork ! will also be venturing outside the walls of the Cité du design and mingling into city life, with mobile services, on bikes or in caravans. Somewhere between exhibition, practical workshops and urban actions... get the Third Place Experience!

Curator and scenography : Yoann Duriaux, co-fondateur de accompagné par Aurélien Marty, David Réchatin, Antoine Durigan, Baptiste Menu, Rieul Techer, Nicolas Loubet et Simon Sarazin (pour ne citer qu'eux) et par le RDC, collectif de designers embarqués composé de Léa Bardin, Hellène Gaulier, Juliette Gelli, Guillaume Jandin, Marion Pinaffo et Raphaël Pluvinage, documenté par Floriane Piat du pôle recherche de la Cité du design et de Antoine Burret auteur de « Tiers-lieux et plus si affinité », la World Trusting Foundation est devenue la commissaire de l'exposition « L'Expérience tiers-lieux : Fork The World ! ».
Design moi un tiers-lieu - Reproduction 3D d’oeuvres prototypées pendant les workshops de l’expérience.
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