REMEDIUM - Kasperowicz Théo, Gautier Alexandre, Moisan Thomas.
IN Exhibition

Fukushima mon amour

Du 9 au 20 Mars

F93 Centre de culture, scientifique, technique et industrielle (F93 Cultural, scientific, technical and industrial centre) proposes a reflection on the Fukushima disaster and its consequences. The ESADSE was involved in this project, and the students on the design course explored different aspects of the Fukushima disaster. The work was done based on the students' skills, which are: creating objects and information systems and organising spaces. How are the refugees living? How is it possible to recreate a proper living environment? How can the population on the site be informed using dedicated signage? How can the landscape be redrawn to integrate waste, whose growth is exponential. Other students looked at the symbolic side of the event, dealing with the idea of memory and the remembrance of this disaster. So many aspects and questions that are core preoccupations for students on the brink of their careers as designers: a point of view that is anything but historical or scientific.
Curator : École supérieure d’art et design de Saint-Étienne : Eric Jourdan
Site : Atelier ATE – ESADSE - Site Cité du design
3 Rue Javelin Pagnon 42000 Saint-Étienne