Modèle de cabane "la Baraque"
© P. de Glo de Besses
Biennale OFF

Étape par étape, j’apprends à construire mon abri de jardin

To tie in with the publication of her book "Étape par étape, je construis mon abri de jardin" (Build a garden shed step by step) by Editions Ouest-France, Pascaline de Glo de Besses, designer, proposes workshops on how to build wooden sheds and shelters yourself.

Based on the plans for 9 models presented in the book, in the workshop each participant builds a scale model of a shed, to get a good grasp of the method and understand the steps to follow. After this, the participants will be able to build their own shed on their own.
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19 rue Pierre Bérard – Saint-Étienne