Visuel Rondino, Banc armor, Banc d’essai 2015
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Saint-Étienne Métropole

Saint-Étienne Métropole is developing a strategy of involving design in every project across the district. Whenever an opportunity arises to transform the district, design must be envisaged and take its place in the solutions brought to the issues in question. This policy naturally encompasses the network of railway stations that are dotted across the urban district, the identities of their interfaces with users (local inhabitants and visitors) and the functionality of their public spaces. This programme of "station concourse design" projects is intended to improve the usage of some ten stations across the Saint-Étienne Métropole urban district. It comes under the State-Région Rhône-Alpes Auvergne partnership. For the Biennale Internationale Design 2017, the concourses of the Rive de Gier and Firminy stations have acquired new usages and services and furniture developed as part of the Banc d'essai 2015 call for projects...

Rive de Gier station concourse:
Connected and non-connected seats from the ARMOR range by Rondino, designed by Jean-Sébastien (Visual: Rondino Armor bench, Banc d'essai 2015)

Firminy station concourse:
Information boards and modular plug-in seats by Entreprise Ledin, designed by Arthur Maneint
Visuel Rondino, Banc armor, Banc d’essai 2015
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