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The Advancement of the Company

From the implementation of a first design initiation through to receiving an award for excellence, companies are enriched by what design brings to them, as a creator of value, a vector of brand awareness, a tool for creativity and innovation and even management. The exhibition gradually illustrates the work involved in design and its impact as an innovative process for organizing a company.

The Business & Innovation Centre has supported five regional companies at the cutting edge of technology and expertise to devise their first design projects and to envisage what benefits design could bring to their business organisation:

- ALLIANCE LED (research into and development of interior lighting)
- APROTEK (supplier of superabsorbent polymers for industrial applications)
- CHEYNET ELASTICS (textile manufacturer, specialising in elasticated strips and fabrics for lingerie and the medical sector)
- CLEXTRAL (production lines for the food industry, twin-screw extrusion specialist)
- TECHNOMARK (manufacture of laser and micropercussion marking machines).

An analysis was made of each of these five companies. It gave a precise description of their current activities and identified the potential paths of development that design could open up.
The agency BP DESIGN has helped them to construct the business/designer partnership, which is fundamental to the success of the project.

How will the products and services of these companies representing the region evolve? How does design allow us to envisage the ways in which a company will change? Over and above the technology, designers teach us something about interdisciplinary processes and project.

In perspective, some forty national and international companies present their realizations, products, services or developments that have earned them the highest awards from the design institutions.

Design Matrix is especially honoured to host the 18th edition of the national design award, the Observeur du Design 2017, organised by the APCI (Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Design). The exhibition presents the 31 products that were awarded a Star among the 137 projects that received a seal of approval.

By rewarding some outstanding designs, ten design-promoting institutions have also endorsed their own design awards:

- Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Design - Observeur du DesignTM
- French Institute of Design - Janus
- Design Zentrum, North Rhine-Westphalia - Red Dot Design Award
- Lithuanian Design Forum - Lithuanian Good Design Award
- Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture (DOGA) - The Innovation Award for Universal Design
- Estonian Design Centre, Estonian Association of Designers, ADC Estonia, Estonian Service Industry Association - The Estonian Design Awards
- Cieszyn Castle and Design Silesia - Silesian Icon Award
- IF International Forum Design GmbH - IF Design Award
- Association for Industrial Design - ADI Design Index
- IxDA Interaction Design Association - Interaction Award

Having sustainably incorporated design into their development process and strategy, these companies are now enjoying the benefits of their endeavours, which generate competitiveness and international renown!
Curator : Cité du design - Direction Pôle Entreprises & Innovation
Site : Bâtiment des forces motrices – Site Cité du design
3 Rue Javelin Pagnon 42000 Saint-Étienne