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There has been considerable interest in the industry of the future concept in the last few years, both in France and abroad. It has seen a vast mobilisation of public and private actors in many countries, whether long-standing or newly industrialised nations (Germany, China, South Korea, United States, France, United Kingdom, etc.). This mobilisation is line with a context of a more general awareness of the importance of the manufacturing sector for economic development. The Pôle Métropolitain proposes to create a competition for pairs of students from the district's engineering and design schools. The ESADSE is taking part in this one, with the Ecole des Mines of Saint-Etienne engineering school. The students on the Prospective Design masters course will work to produce proposals for this competition. The winning projects will be shown during the Biennale.
Curator : École supérieure d’art et design de Saint-Étienne
Site : Pre-fabrique de l’innovation – Site Cité du design
3 Rue Javelin Pagnon 42000 Saint-Étienne