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Dents de scie

Olivier Bosson films 300 amateurs in the film of the Biennale

On the occasion of the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne 2017 filmmaker Olivier Bosson will be coming to Saint-Etienne to shoot a participatory fiction film entitled Dents de scie, linked to the Biennale theme: shifting work paradigms.
The theme will be found first of all in the method, since this is to be a participatory film, like several other Olivier Bosson has already made. For Dents de scie, 300 participants will be recruited in February 2017 at a large casting session open to anyone aged 13 and over: actors, extras, but also logistical and technical support needed. Shooting will begin during the Biennale, at the beginning of April, and will continue, in stages, until the end of April. A small professional film crew will be present to ensure the finished result is of broadcast quality.
Shifting work paradigms will also feature in the script of Dents de scie. The film will feature a whole string of characters from the contemporary world of work: a sponsored entrepreneur, an ambitious gardener, a delivery man with special powers, an agency worker, some ex-unemployed people and expectant fathers, some robots, some technology gurus and some voluntary workers from an NGO.
Dents de scie will be an ensemble film with many characters. A dozen stories will cover different human relations, situations, but also the desires, hopes, fears and fantasies linked to this new work context. Planned length: 60 minutes - see it in 2018.

Welcome to the film adventure!

Olivier Bosson

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