Cirro Focus, ©HEAR 2017

Cirro Focus

Haute École des Arts du Rhin (HEAR)

How to create a gathering place without partitioning the space? Cirro Focus is a gathering place, where each person is connected via an application linked to the structure. Thanks to a projection, the colleagues connected for teleworking are virtually part of the group. This system enhances team working through various tools that are essential to optimise and make a meeting more dynamic : a stopwatch, a calendar and a voice recorder.

Conception team :
Joufflineau Adrien, Lopes-Marques Margaux, Fouilleux Louis, Bassin Éléonore, Riou Aline, Beuf Stéphanie, Kumar Anshuman, Zigmann Trystan

Site : Panorama des Mutations exhibition - H building (Manufacture site)

Dates : from 9 March to 9 April