Chaise au kilomètre Ceralep.Design 2016 ©Entreautre
Banc d'essai 2017

Chaise au kilomètre

Studio Entreautre

Ceralep.Design has embarked on the development of a range of ceramic products based on the principle of extrusion. The project takes concrete form with this seat, which can be a chair or bench depending on its length, which comes straight out of the extruder like playdough. It is an exclusive process, the only one capable of producing items of these dimensions (up to 1200 mm in diameter) and so-called "open" pieces. The continuous profile of the furniture means it can be produced in varying lengths and different combinations of colours and shapes can be envisaged for modular installations.
Chaise au kilomètre Ceralep.Design 2016 ©Entreautre
Chaise au kilomètre Ceralep.Design 2016 ©Entreautre
Materials : Ceramic
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2 Av. Grüner